• David Burnette

Day 4 and 4 Below

Updated: Jan 5, 2018

Today's ride was wonderful even though the temperature was 4 below zero this morning. The sun was out, not too much wind, a beautiful day to ride. The fourth day of riding is always my favorite, physically, because we travel almost a hundred miles in the first three days riding. That takes a toll on the body and you discover pain in all kinds of new places. It provides some degree of comfort to hear even the young riders groaning when they swing down from their saddles, I know I'm not alone in my suffering. Then, on the fourth day, we have a day to rest and heal before three more days. So swinging back up today I felt great. The pain is gone and it feels comfortable and right to be in the saddle again. In many ways.

It was a short ride today because on Monday when we got to Red Water Creek where we would usually leave the horses it was snowing so we might not have been able to get back to the horses to take care of them. And so we ride on, to Kyle. Another ten miles or so at the end of a long day. In deep snow and with more falling. Long after dark we rode into the small town of Kyle, tired and covered with frost in the cold temperatures, but safe.

What that means for today's ride is that not only have we had a day off but we have ten miles less to cover. Piece of cake! Hoka hey!! Let's ride!


2018 by David Burnette

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